Mission Possible – the social warfare

Olivier Denoo

Main message

BAs are often involved in the acceptance testing phases of the project – testers are more and more often playing a facilitating role between business and development or production. Both have strengths and weaknesses, both have tools but lack each other’s contribution and in most cases only have a part of the necessary solution at hand. IQBBA is developing a syllabus to bridge the gap. A part of the syllabus has been dedicated to social skills and collaboration as they are key success factors for the organization and project.


IQBBA is currently working on a specific Acceptance testing for BAs / BA for acceptance testers syllabus. A special emphasis has been put on social skills, to ease communication and collaborations between the parties involved in IT projects (e.g. BAs, QA, Production, Developers, Business or POs…)

This workshop will introduce you to games and tools to:

  • facilitate an honest and open communication (“catch the peanut”, “like it or not”, “news or fake news”, “moody woodpecker”)
  • get to know and understand each other’s (“comedia del arte”, “geopolitics”, “if I were U”)
  • envision the future (“BrickLand”, “magic wand”, “roses and chrysanthemums”, “stairway to heaven”)
  • build team cohesion (“break an egg”, “spaghetti incident”, “coat of arm”)
  • build a meaningful dashboard (“Mario the pizzaiolo”)

The workshop can be seen as a takeaway social toolbox that can be practiced in various stages of the project especially to deal with blockings or crisis. Most can be adapted to your own needs.

Target group

testers, business analysts, product owners, project managers

5 Take-homes for attendants
  1. BA more and testers more and more often indifferently play an important role in ensuring the quality, integrity and consistency of the deliveries.
  2. Acceptance testing is for the first time addressed from both testers and BA sides in a syllabus. (now in alpha version)
  3. Social skills are key success factors for the project. Collaboration / communication are playing a major role.
  4. Social skills need to be practiced and therefore meaningful tools and games must be developed
  5. Attendees will leave with practical tools to tailor to their needs or directly practice

Olivier Denoo – VP of ps_testware SAS, the French subsidiary of ps_testware group.

His role is to develop business, recruit the local expert team (Sales and consultants), create visibility, build sustainable partnerships, promote software testing and ps_testware. Olivier is also involved in auditing test projects and organizations and provides high-level consultancy and support.

Olivier is the President of the CFTL – the French ISTQB Board. He also currently is the Governance Officer of the ISTQB. He is a member of IREB (French chapter) and IQBBA Olivier is an international speaker who spoke at numerous conferences over the last 20 years, like STF, CMTL, SEETEST, SQA-days; Analyst-days; JFIE; TestWarez; Test-IT Africa, JFTL; SEETEST; Quality Week, Eurostar, Dasia, SPICE, Iqnite… He’s also actively participating in the development of certification schemes, like IQBBA (Business Analysis), IREB-ReQB (requirements engineering) or IBUQ (usability)